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The Day Trading Academy Reviews below are all genuine and written by students, graduates, and members that have been through the training program. What makes Day Trading Academy unique is the structured training program where we teach you how to understand how the market works. Once you become a consistently profitable trader you won’t have to rely on any other companies and keep paying for continued education, software or indicators.

You will be able to make money in the markets and rely on your own ability.

We are so confident in our program that the traders you see below are the teachers. We don’t use employees to teach our courses. Instead, we use our successful students to teach all of our classes. You will learn from someone who has been through the very same training program. We also don’t stop at just teaching you. We now offer (by invitation only) funded traded accounts once you prove the ability to make consistent profits in the markets using our Congressive Trading Strategy.

We are more than happy to provide contact information for members of our actual training program. Since we are day traders first and foremost, we believe that transparency is the best policy.

Note – These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients.  The testimonials is no guarantee of future performance or success.




The Day Trading Academy Review below is from James

The testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other clients; The testimonial is no guarantee of future performance or success

Editors Note: James has risen the ranks to become one of our Graduate Master Traders.  He has been helping our traders, running live market analysis classes, and we have also started to incorporate James into training program.  We do not allow any employees to be instructors and instead use our growing list of graduate master traders that have graduated from our mentoring program and are now successfully trading their own accounts on a consistent basis.  He went live during one of the hardest time of the year to trade, December, and the last few weeks of December at that.

What was impressive about James is that he was still able to make money even in one of the lowest volume times of the year.  He began with our beginner HTS management system and has started to incorporate more pro trades into his repertoire.  Throughout the first half of the year he has added more and more advanced and pro principles which have allowed him to be more effective and efficient at his own trading.  At the time of this editors note James has now begun to practice even more pro trades that we are beginning to share in our new invitation only pro traders room.

Note – The testimonials below may not be representative of the experience of other clients.  The testimonials below is no guarantee of future performance or success.

“Simple, Effective, and Dangerously Powerful.”

The DTA system was built around price movement, not on indicators. Indicators are lagging behind, they tell you the past not the future. This is what’s great about the DTA system, it teaches you how to read the price action, instead of covering your screen with colorful garbage. It is a system that works when applied intelligently, and that comes from practice and the desire to learn.

You will get frustrated, you will get upset, you will be happy, but you will keep pushing to master the art of building intuition in the market. There is no easy way, if it was easy everybody will make money. You will definitely learn about your own personality since the way you trade is a reflection of your character traits. You will understand that patience & discipline are the 2 most important things to become successful. Greed & fear will destroy you on the long run. You will slowly begin to pinpoint your mistakes, learn from them, and improve yourself. It will take time, but I’m confident this academy was built to help you in your journey. Marcello is passionate about teaching and helping you.

This is what DTA teaches you, how to feel the market and ride the waves, how to be patient & wait for the right opportunity.

DTA teaches you about market psychology and the mechanics on how to anticipate movement. It’s a game of probabilities and expectations. You need to be able to process this information quickly and act accordingly to give yourself that necessary edge to succeed. It’s a combination of speed, understanding the flow of movement and calculating the best possible outcome.

You will enjoy the way Marcello runs this academy but you need to have the right mental attitude. If you’re looking for a black box system that will give you instant gratification, this is not for you. And anything that promises you rainbow colored magic systems is BS and will fail eventually. Learn the mechanics of how the market functions and nobody can take that away from you. That’s what Marcello teaches you. I have developed systems in the past, just to see them rise to fame and collapse over time. I was always afraid of discretionary trading due to a lack of emotional stability when I trade, I thought machines can help compensate for that by removing emotions out of the equation, but they have trouble adjusting themselves to constantly changing market dynamics. Understanding the flow of movement is everything!

Trading is a skill, and you can learn to build the necessary skills, you’re not born with it. Some people may learn quicker than others, but at the end of the day, you will develop your own style of trading in conjunction with the dta system that will suit your personality best. You cannot change who you are, but you can improve your deficiencies and maximize your strengths.

I highly recommend the DTA Academy, it is a fantastic community of people that help and learn from each other. They keep improving the curriculum and bring new innovations and back-tested ideas to the table. They learn, master the art of trading, and contribute back to the community, this is why you have some members running classes sometimes instead of Marcello himself.

They have a great host/manager, her name is Lindsey, she will help you get started right away. Just make sure you give yourself a good 4-6 months to learn, practice, and build the necessary confidence to trade. If you’re looking for freedom from corporate servitude and your career job (aka ‘Just Over Broke’), DTA will train you to look at life differently.



“All I do is WIN !!!”

Last year my wife and I decided to hit the reset button on life. We sold everything we owned, and purchased a travel trailer and set out on a year long road trip across the U.S. I quit my job with plans of doing some soul searching and starting a new career path. Eight plus months into the trip, I still had no idea of what my new career would be, but I knew that I was going to do anything possible to avoid going back to the 9-5 grind. I had been thinking about trading for some time, but could never figure out exactly how to get started. That’s when I found The Day Trading Academy.

I have gone from having absolutely zero knowledge to having a winning record in just a few short months. The approach is to help you develop your own style of trading that fits your personality. Marcello and the Day Trading Academy give you individual support and advice on each individual trade that you may or may not have taken. Whether your goal is to become super wealthy or you need enough to make it to the next KOA you can get it here.


“The Search Is Over – This Is The Real Deal . . .”

I started up with Marcello and The Day Trading Academy (DTA) back in December 2011. Up until that point in time I had known friends and had also periodically run into people over the years who were either Day Traders or Position Traders. Although most of them seemed to achieve some degree of financial success, the “how” part of their Trading business always remained a complete mystery to me, and I would have surely grouped all these people into a category I call “sophisticated gamblers”. If you were to ask me what I thought about “Day Trading” as a profession, my immediate response would have been ” it’s way too Risky “.

Then one day I ran into some posts that Marcello had on another Travel blog, and followed up by checking out his WanderingTrader (a very inspiring travel website) and DTA websites. After seeing some of his videos and carefully considering his program I decided to take the plunge with Marcello and the DTA. Looking back I can honestly say that I couldn’t have made a better decision ! One of the most important things I’ve come to realize over the past few months of studying under the DTA program is that trying to Trade the Futures Market by employing a Rigid set of Rules and Indicators is like trying to cram a square peg into a round hole . . . .it just doesn’t work too well. This is especially true since the Futures Market is a Dynamic entity that’s constantly changing, and thereby requires constant reassessment and adjustment on the part of the Trader. The subtle market conditions and nuances that resulted in great trading yesterday may not be present at all in today’s market, or they might have changed very slightly, . . .enough to cause havoc with an inflexible rules based trading system. And that’s where Marcello’s professional trading expertise “shines through” and becomes invaluable. Based on many successful years of Day Trading under his belt, Marcello repeatedly demonstrates to students an incredible wealth of valuable knowledge and skill that’s focused toward “How to Read” the Market so that a trader can enter high-probability winning trades.

Bottom Line – his Trading methodology works very well, and results in a Reward/Risk & Win/Loss ratio that’s a lot higher than I ever thought was possible. On the flip side, Marcello’s an excellent instructor/communicator and has a way with words that get’s the point across very effectively.

Lastly, and very importantly for me, you come away with the sense that it’s not about the money at all, and that he really cares about helping other people and truly wants them to succeed.


“Marcello Teaches How to Read the Market, Not Indicators”

Marcello teaches how to read the market and not indicators. This is exactly what I had been looking for. If you can read the market and what it is trying to do then you can trade in any market and will not be a slave to an indicator(s). Several years ago I ran with a live trading room but they only taught how to trade using their “customized” indicators using divergence. They also had a high turnover rate of instructors so it makes you wonder if their instructors were actually trading their system and were not just some hired mercenaries. Anyways, back on topic………… TDTA’s trading principles are very easy to understand. It did not take me long to pickup what to look for in a trade. The hard part is reading the market and knowing when to apply the trades based upon what the market is doing. To me this is the most valuable part, being able to read the market. The market is constantly changing so if you have to keep examining and trying to read what it is trying to do so you can make the appropriate trades.

Marcello and Lindsay are very prompt in answering emails and every week Marcello will send you your own personalized review from your trades that you sent him for the week. The best part is the daily market recaps Marcello does. If you are unable to trade (Live or Sim) that day you can use your Ninja Trader Replayer to run the market and trade as if you were live. Then you can view the daily market recap video to see if your thought process and trades behind your thought processes are on the right track. Another encouraging aspect of TDTA is that Marcello has students who he has taught who are profitable day trading to teach live classes so you can learn from other successful people who have made it.

It is a lot of work to be profitable day trading but I love it. I have been studying and trading in Sim for over 3 months now and I am just now starting to break even and have weekly profits (In Sim). I may be a slow learner but please see the link at the end of this sentence that describes the journey of a day trader:

I highly recommend TDTA if you are looking to become successful day trading any market. I had already busted one day trading account before I joined TDTA. I am not going live again until I know I am ready. I have spent over $15,000.00 between busted accounts and trading rooms before joining TDTA. The cost for TDTA when I joined was far less than the other trading room I had been a part of previously.

I promised myself that if I bust another account day trading then I am done for good. Fortunately I feel that I have found a mentor who has given me the tools I need to become highly successful day trading. The work is up to me.


“DTA = Path To Success”

Marcello and the Day Trading Academy genuinely want their traders to be successful. Marcello and the DTA are there to guide you down the right path.

A high level summary of the curriculum is that you are taught what the market is showing you and how to make the correct decisions in those situations. The more consistent and better you get at making these decisions, the more successful and profitable you will be. This program is tailored to develop your own style and trading strategy/plan based on the principles being taught.

If you are skeptical about this program, don’t be. Seriously, don’t be. I highly suggest this program to individuals that are seeking a way into the day trading profession. In fact, I believe you are at an advantage if you have limited experience/knowledge of the market prior to this program. In my personal experience, I was able to absorb and apply the ideas taught in this program a lot easier as I did not have any conflicting trains of thought (indicators, resistance/support areas, etc.). But this doesn’t mean that experienced individuals will not get as much from the program as it is designed for everyone. Marcello is a 10+ year veteran of the markets and can relate to and coach anyone.

Don’t be confused, this program isn’t an easy way to riches and lavish lifestyles. Profitability and success will not be easy to come by. Hard work and dedication to your craft are necessary. However, this program will undoubtedly provide you with the foundation to get to that level. It is just up to you to execute, no pun intended.


“It’s REAL and that’s a rarity in trading”

The Day Trading Academy course ranks among the extremely few trading courses which actually delivers. Top 2% or better. Its founder, Marcello, is an excellent coach who has given a full and clear online presentation of the way he reads the markets. Being price action based alone already gives the course more credibility. Marcello combines the price action along with specific liquid market times to trade the e-mini S&P. He consistently produces a verified profitable outcome and you regularly see students making a profit during the webinars as well. I am presently using what I’ve learned to trade the 6E(EUR/USD) and am able to obtain wins with a high reward to risk ratio, another key element that flows from Marcello’s way of looking at the market. He quickly responds to any questions and analysis of trades. Combine this with regular live trading webinars and you’ve got an excellent venue for learning. He also has a strong understanding of the long run fundamentals which will influence trading in the future.


“This is exactly what i was looking for.”

I joined DTA the 1st week of July and am very pleased with the curriculum as well as Marcello and his ability to relay the material in a professional and easy to understand manner. I had subscribed to another well reviewed website and it was great but it dealt mainly with swing trading and did not meet my expectations. Marcello is easy to understand, honest and enthusiastic. If you have a question you can ask him via email and he responds right away, and I mean right away-I’ve had pizza deliveries take longer. I am a complete novice at this yet I am confident that I , or anyone who adheres to the lessons, can be successful day trading with Marcello’s expertise and assistance. The course is well worth the cost and will live up to your expectations.


“A truly life changing program!!!”

I began with the day trading academy in July 2012 so far all I have is positives about the program. I’ve been going thru the material at my own pace and everything is really well laid out. Some of the material may be difficult to understand at first for a person with zero trading experience but after you repeat the lessons a couple of times things begin to click. I would have to say that Marcello which is the creator of this course goes out of his way to help you succeed whenever you hit a roadblock. When I mean he goes out of his way I mean him Marcello he will email you with answers to your questions or even personalize a video and show you step by step on how to fix the problem you’re having with something like setting up software. It’s truly amazing what Marcello has done with his life and how willing and passionate he is to help a complete stranger succeed in his program and become an excellent day trader. Marcello knows his stuff and he teaches you how to understand how the market moves and reacts and not just rely on indicators to base all your decisions on trading. So far I’m still working on the curriculum and learning so much that builds your confidence when you get ready to do your first trade. I would have to say the thing I admire so much about Marcello Is that he hasn’t forgotten were he came from as a trader by losing lots of money and he takes passion in teaching his students the right way to trade so you end up having positive trades and not losing thousands of dollars because you don’t know what you’re doing and just spend all your time relying on indicators. One awesome thing about the day trading academy is that he is always taking suggestions from his students on how to improve the curriculum to make it better he takes a lot of pride in keeping the program student friendly. The last I heard he was planning to divide the program into 3 or 4 stages which takes you from a beginner someone like me and you build on it over time and the last step would be a pro trader I think that I idea is awesome. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that is willing to put the time and effort into really learning the stuff I’m a slow learner so it may take me longer than other people the key is put the time in learn it at your own pace don’t give and you’ll see over time things start clicking and you start building the confidence to be a successful trader.


“It works! You’ll learn to be a successful profitable trader.”

I joined The Day Trading Academy in May 2012. I started by reading and learning the curriculum in a self-study method and joined the live classes after a couple weeks when I finished the curriculum. In the first few lessons I was amazed by the energy of Marcello, the way he enjoys trading, to help other people to learn and to not have to make the mistakes he made at his beginning and particularly don’t have to blown a few accounts to be successful at trading. Marcello also amazed me by the knowledge he had on the market and how the price moves. At a point it seemed the Live Market we were seeing was a replay and he had studied in the night before.

Well Marcello did study the markets not the night before but for the last decade at least and he will teach you what he knows. The biggest advantage of this training is that you will learn how to fish, particularly you will learn how the “fish” moves, how it behaves and how you should act in order to take fish home every day. You will learn how to use your fishing rod and reel and you will be invited to develop your way to fish (to trade).

You cannot trade as someone else because you are not someone else. You have to be comfortable with the way you trade and adapt that to market conditions. You will know that this method and training works not because Marcello is telling so but because several people that have learn this method are being profitable in a consistent basis, including me. You will too experience that.

If I have to summarize my opinion of The Day Trading Academy I will say:

1) I’m learning how the market behaves and when to take trades and when not to take trades.

2) Although some indicators are used they are not proprietary and you will learn to read price action and take action based on price action. That’s one of the most important things of this training.

3) The method is simple but takes time and discipline.

4) You could average a 2pts profit on ES (S&P 500 futures) on a consistent basis and you don’t have to be sit all day watching the markets.

5) Marcello is an honest guy and he is really excited to help you learn how to trade. He will mentoring you and watch your charts and tell you how you could improve.

Thank you.


“There is no program like this one!!!”

I spend about 2 yrs trying to find someone honest in this business that really want to teach a good quality class, instead of ripping me with a super expensive course. Honesty and humility are hard to find in this industry. I have to say that I found the right place to begin my day trading career, which is trading e-minis futures with the Bad-Ass Team of Marcello. Marcello will explain you how the market moves, in a clever and straight forward way. There is no Magic you will have to go through all the training material and all the live classes. But if you put the effort and time you will see the gains and you will feel confident on the technique. On top of that he makes the class fun and interesting, you can feel that everyone in his team are enthusiastic and are giving 100% everyday.

His format is as follow, he usually does 2 live classes per week, plus every day you will get a market recap with all the opportunities that were valid for the trading strategy. My only critic is that I will like to get maybe 3 classes per week especially when I start the program. Other than that I know that I join a Bad-Ass team. I believe that his biggest quality is that he never settles he evolve with the market and always is open to new ideas.


“Best Program for Day Trading”

I have learned so much with The Day Trading Academy. This program actually teaches you how to day trade profitably so that you can succeed on your own. In the past I had only traded stocks – never Futures. But this very clear curriculum teaches you if you are a beginner or experienced. There are no blind indicators to follow. You are taught how to read the market and to understand how the market works.

That best part of the program for me is the live classes. Marcello and other students of the DTA teach live classes that are not only fun but very educational. You watch the live market together to determine when to take trades and when to exit. It is extremely helpful to hear Marcello’s thoughts during this live trading session and ask questions when the actual market is trading. After hours, Marcello and Lindsay are always very quick to answer e-mails and questions. The level of customer service is outstanding.

Marcello is very honest, positive, and fun. I truly enjoy working with the DTA and am very thankful to have learned so much from them.


“Simple, progressive and intuitive!”

I came across Marcello’s travel blog while travelling myself in South America. I had resigned from my previous 9-5 job in order to fulfill a lifelong ambition of travelling for an extended time and had begun researching alternate ways of earning a living to the usual 9-5 grind.

Marcello informed me that he had a place for me in the inaugural retreat that was to be held in London. I signed up and immediately rerouted my itenirary to ensure my attendance at the retreat. I used this time to go through as much of the curriculum as I could although attending classes proved a lot more challenging. Marcello and Lindsay were very understanding about the unique circumstances that were affecting me and were very accommodating in ensuring I did not miss out.

The retreat was an absolute success! I met the man himself. Very charasmatic, knowledeable and well travelled. I managed to learn an incredible amount in a relatively short space of time from him and some of his more experienced students. Although I am very much still getting to grips with the market environment and setups I am confident that with Marcello’s feedback and guidance, I too can achieve a level of freedom that he has attained and that I dream about achieving each and every day.

Bruno February 2013

“Straight forward…Uncomplicated…Great Value”

First I should say that I found this trading program through the “Wandering Trader” travel blog.

I was skeptical to begin with, because most people who claim to make a consistent profit day-trading, seem to be full of it, and so I made sure to do all the due diligence I could. So after looking all though this site, and Marcello’s other site Wandering Trader. I felt like I was on to something real. I took my time, reading though several other sites teaching day trading strategies. However, there was only one guy who had the mindset, and was living the lifestyle I was looking for. That is trading and having the freedom to travel the world. That guy was Marcello, and his Day Trading Academy.

The other deciding factor for me was value, as this program is priced reasonably in comparison to other programs I was looking at.

As to the structure of the curriculum, it is very simple and easy to understand. There is no overly complex vocabulary to remember. All that is needed is explained step by step in the online course curriculum, with videos of how everything works in live trading. The site is updated regularly, and it’s grown quite a bit since I started in Jan. 2012.

I have been trading my live account though NinjaTrader for about 3 & 1/2 months. I have had more winning days than losing days, and with enough profit to make the price of this program seem like a steal!

To sum it up…this is an easy to learn strategy, and with Marcello as a guide, anyone serious about learning how to day trade futures, should look into the Day Trading Academy.


“The most comprehensive, to the point, trading site ever!”

I love this site and Marcello is by far the best individual trader/teacher i have ever seen. his no bullshit style, based on how much effort you put in, will deliver results like no other system and insure that the lessons he teaches really sink in. like they say, “it’s the easiest/hardest thing you have ever done in your life”, but i think the payoff will be well worth it. the entire philosophy of the program is summed up so well in the motto “a lifestyle, not a profession!”, and that is what really attracted me to the site from the start. i want to thank Marcello and everyone at the site for taking the time to help teach me how to fish for futures profits instead of just trying to give me a fish.


“Day Trading – Simple, profitable and consistent”

A little over 4 months ago, I was scouring around looking for a day-trading course. And just by chance, found it here at investmonials. I have been mainly a option trader and though that venture has been okay, it yielded small profits. I had been heistant joining because it is a rather large expediture for me at least, but after reviewing and talking to marcello(The Bad-Ass trade guru), I decided to take the plunge. And boy did I learn a lot of new stuff.

The course itself is mainly text and some videos. Once u grasp the concept, one has to practice, practice and practice till it becomes second-nature. His system does work and as long as one has patience to recognize the appropriate setup, then it should be a very rewarding. I have been practicing for a month and so far so good. Basically u learn, practice and send him your trading charts for him to critique and he will point out where u went wrong and where u need to improve on.

Be prepare to put in 100% effort or you will not reap the full benefit of this course. This is a life-time skill so one should approach it as such. This means a lot of hands-on learning rather than a hand-holding method of learning. This is a sign of a good mentor in my opinion.

All I can say is, he is the real deal(both person and method). Only knock against him, is that he can really only be contacted via email rather than phone. But that is to be expected from a world-travelling trader.


“Nothing Like It In The Industry: Simple & Effective”

I have been in this industry for over 20 years now and as an industry veteran I wanted to provide feedback on the Day Trading Academy. Ever since I started looking into joining the Day Trading Academy there was something different that struck me about the training program that is run by Marcello. I would like to first thank this community for providing me the opportunity to see the reviews and I would also like to send a special thanks to a Mr. David Denab that left his email in this review column below. As a courtesy I will also do the same in case anyone in the day trading industry has any questions:

I am a day trading veteran that has shifted through the changes in this industry. I have been day trading for over 20 years and come from the “old school” when the pits were around and we read tape. Adjusting into the new world of electronic day trading was no easy task but I decided to do my research and take the plunge.

I would have to say that I attended roughly 10 seminars, heard endless sales pitches, and after reviewing The Day Trading Academy found that they stood for something different. The live market class that I was permitted to attend was exceptional since it was actually run by a student of the academy, not an actual employee, which impressed me significantly.

I found it refreshing that they focused on market dynamics and understanding market structure and not actual indicators. While most electronic day traders use a myriad of indicators I find them to be additional aspects of trading that are not needed.

I did quickly pick up on the curriculum and started to sim trade within roughly 2 weeks of reviewing the curriculum. After roughly 2 months I found the consistency necessary that Marcello deemed necessary to go live. I planned on following everything by the book in order to achieve greater success. I incurred some setbacks when I began live trading but with the instruction of Marcello & the other student traders that teach at the academy I was able to improve my strengths and start to diminish my weaknesses.

I would have to say that most of the publications that the Day Trading Academy releases are true when it comes to the training program and the potential results. As what they consider a beginner in the program I was able to achieve just over 2 points a day on the E-mini SP 500 futures contract. I look forward to working with Marcello and other student experts to further develop my skill. With a rather short time to become consistent I am confident that I will be able to achieve better results shortly.


“Knows His Trading and Isn’t Afraid to Share his Knowledge!”

This is the best course you can take – no bullshit, to the point and definite results – now for the story!
I’ve actually known of Marcello via his travel blog, Wandering Trader for a couple of years. I’ve always had a passion for trading. But it was mainly equities, ETF’s and penny stocks. Just because I loved it, didn’t mean I did it well 🙂 So the pull to his travel blog was actually about his day trading posts, more than anything else and definitely the freedom of doing it anywhere in the world.

Funny enough, I contacted Marcello about his travel blog and one thing led to another when I broached the topic of m passion for trading.

Since I know he’s living proof of trading and living well while traveling, he told me he traded futures, spent 3-4 hours a day doing it. I never heard of futures before, but knew it can work.

Our actual communication with him came at a transition time in my life when i was desperate to find a good school on how to trade and invest. And when I found his day trading academy, I looked no further.

Now for the good stuff. Marcello REALLY REALLY KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. With each class, video and chapter I became more and more impressed with him and developed a lot of respect for his teachings techniques and quickness to help! He has this down to a science and art and is not afraid to share his experience and knowledge. The transparency is hard to find with other day traders who want to keep all their secrets to themselves. As far as Marcello is concerned there is enough wins for everyone.

I feel so lucky to have signed up for his course and feel CONFIDENT with my trading.

Thanks to Marcello, I can’t wait to get up in the morning and TRADE TRADE TRADE!!!


“The fastest way to know how to be successful in the markets”

The Day Trading Academy is like a shortcut of one year self studying in two weeks. I found the material was very informative and the teacher, Marcello, was great 🙂 He is a likeable smart ass, who was fun and very knowledgeable. I strongly recommend learning from this professional trader. I learned a ton and it was worth the money.
Marcello is simple willing to help you succeed !


“The best of the best.”

Marcello is an amazing educator. He is passionate about helping people learn, which is a refreshing change. I’ve tried several other programs where you need to maintain an subscription, and don’t really learn the ins and outs.

Depending on your background, you may need to change your ways of thinking in order to have success with this program. The thesis of the program is to utilize high probability trades. You must trust the program in order to obtain results.

I’ve been part of the training program for 2 months now. I started during a time of remarkably low volume, and it was a tough environment to learn in. However, Marcello has been incredibly helpful in teaching the fundamentals of learning how to read the market. It is difficult, but if you stick with the program, the results will come.


“Committed and Passionate”

I know this site through Marcello’s WanderingTrader blog and promptly signed up for the DTA course.

Materials provided by DTA are great and clear. The attention you get during live lessons will definitely give you the confidence to start trading live ASAP.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in day trading.


“Straight forward education of complex market conditions”

I have been impressed with the curriculum and the manner in which Marcello has taken some complex concepts, at least for a beginner in futures, and explained them in ways that make looking at the market less intimidating. Marcello and Lindsay have been extremely helpful with any problems or questions I have had and are always very quick to respond and resolve small glitches.

I have had. I have been able to build a sizable profit since the first of December, 2012 and expect to continue into 2013. Thanks to The Day Trading Academy team for teaching an old dog some new tricks!


“Indescribable Value, Honesty, & Commitment to Help Traders”

I have been trading for roughly 6 years now and as any trader, I am always looking for something better since I could not find consistency. I was recently referred to Marcello and his Day Trading Academy when a friend kept talking about a guy who “told it like it is” about the scrupulous industry and its salesman.
I did contact Marcello with hesitations but speaking with him and his team I decided to apply for the program. The one thing that I really have to share is that it is really refreshing to actually meet a person who tells it like it is. Marcello denounces the use of indicators and proclaims out loud that most people in the industry just pretend to develop proprietary and unique indicators when in reality everyone uses the same indicators that were developed, created, and optimized over 15 to 20 years ago.

One of the reasons that I decided to attend the program is because he didn’t promise that I could make a million dollars and live happily ever after, they were very honest and said even though our recaps that we post are much higher than 2 points, you can expect to make an average of 2 points a day. I was very surprised to see how the strategy held up as they post their beginner results every month here –>

They give you the freedom to develop your own and the time to do it as well and don’t force you into these rigid set of rules in order to try to do it their way. They often have student traders that are winning with the strategy, the Congressive Trading System, run classes in order to see different styles and techniques which is great. The one thing that I loved about DTA was the fact that they allowed me to grow as trader and didn’t restrict me in trying to do it their way. They allowed me to feel comfortable in my own trading as long as I was making the right decision.

I really would recommend that anyone take a look at the program and seriously consider it, I would pay double to what I paid for the initial program because I think that it is that high value, seriously. Since I have been in contact with DTA they asked me to leave “an honest” review when I first started and since I feel very adept with the strategy now I felt it was time to leave a review of the course. It took me roughly 8 weeks to go live from the beginning of the program and I did start averaging roughly 1-3 points a day when I first started with the Emini SP 500. I now trade both crude and the ES and have been pulling close to double digit days if I do trade all day. Definitely a program that is worth mentioning to everyone.


“Skeptical At First, But Now Consistently Profitable”

In short I have to say that I was very skeptical about The Day Trading Academy and as I found myself eventually joining I do want to share some of the pros and cons of his platform and methodology. I found Marcello and The Day Trading Academy through investimonials when I first discovered his site WanderingTrader when trying to relocate to Colombia. Having spent thousands of dollars in the industry I was very skeptical about what him and his team were doing. I spent months speaking back and forth with Marcello, I always seemed to keep the idea of joining The Day Trading Academy in the back of my head because he seems genuine.

I had never heard anyone in the industry actually say that indicators didn’t matter and go one to pronounce that indicators are not proprietary and unique. Most of the sales pitches I have heard, and software that I eventually bought, had to do with bright colored indicators and great sales pitches frankly. Before I ended up joining The Day Trading Academy it must have taken months of emails back and forth because for some reason it just seemed that they talked about things that are different.

I asked Marcello for income statements to prove his claims and of course he denied so I always though he didn’t have proof and verified results. I asked about student charts and he referred me to the public recaps that he has on his site (which he posts sporadically). Being that I have had it so rough in the industry I didn’t want to sign up with another company unless I had proof. Eventually I did join a live class which was run by one of his students that was making money with the strategy, not him or a member of his team, and that intrigued me the most since most companies dont have anyone else running classes other than their own pawns that are on the payroll.

I have been day trading with this strategy for roughly 6 months now and while I am not making a million dollars I have been able to make money every day. They claim that you are able to make roughly 2 pts a day and I have been averaging roughly 1.5 pts a day with between 5-7 contracts. I am glad that I joined the academy because now I am able to have financial freedom and they continue to improve the program as well.

The focus really is on the market instead of indicators. Many times when Marcello and his team are running the classes they dont use the indicators and instead focus on the market movement which I found to be very refreshing. While Marcello mainly runs the classes, there are different people that give you a different perspective when they run classes as well. I really liked the fact that he has students run the course because it shows that others are making money and not just him. The information is clear and concise and I like the fact that there isn’t any complicated theory or terminology. I really appreciated the fact that he doesn’t waste time getting to the point and talking about wants important.

In summary, I have been consistently making money for a few months now with the Congressive way of doing things and while I was extremely skeptical in the beginning I am now able to make money in the markets on a regular basis. I know that the choices can be hard and there are many people out there that are skeptical about many things. As a person that was extremely skeptical about day trading in general in addition to The Day Trading Academy I would be happy to share my experiences and answer any questions in general. I dont know if that is allowed here on investimonials, but as a person that has been through the program and has found success I would be happy to answer any questions. I can be reached at

David Denab
E-min Trader
Miami, Florida


“DTA = Student of the market, NOT the indicators…”

Marcello has taken the time to teach me more then the ‘setups’. I’ve tossed the fancy indicators, automated dots, bars, lines etc…and I’ve focus on really becoming a student of the market (not the indicators). DTA has basic, easy to learn setups. But, the difference comes down to being in tune with the market. That will set you up for long term success.

The DTA class schedules, daily video recaps, and actually seeing Marcello’s real trades that he takes (and seeing his trading financial statements on his site) is what puts him on another level. I can compare his trades to mine and see exactly what I did right (or wrong). I can also submit my charts for feedback. That alone has been priceless.

It’s amazing to see how much I improve week after week.

If you have the desire and time to put forth a true & honest effort you will create a skill that will be useful for years to come.

Marcello and his students are a class act. I’m lucky to be a part of this group.


“The Day Trading Academy = Money in the Bank”

These guys are hands down the best in the business if you want to learn how to day trade. They have a day trading curriculum that you can work through to learn the fundamentals of how to read the market. Traders work through the curriculum, begin paper trading, and then when they are ready, go live and start trading real money in the market.

The great thing about DTA is the constant feedback you receive from instructors to help you grow as a trader and learn to read the market correctly. When I was paper trading they would review my charts regularly and provide constructive criticism on how to do better. Even now that I trade live they still do that for me, so I am always growing as a trader. There are a number of profitable full-time traders with the company, if you’ve got the discipline you could be next.



Marcello is very passionate about what he teaches and he devotes a lot of time updating the curriculum and providing his site with recaps and classes to help his students.

I have not tried learning how to trade with anyone else so I cannot compare Marcello’s academy with other companies, but I can see how he is really committed in teaching us his strategy and improving our trading.

The London retreat was very powerful and I think I gained more on those 3 days than reading throughout the whole curriculum; having him live explaining everything and answering questions is the best way of learning. Unfortunately those retreats don’t happen often.

I would definitely recommend the academy for anyone who’s trying to learn how to trade!


“They trade the right way – simply, consistently, profitably!”

First, a bit about myself. I’ve been trading for about eight years now, four of which have been full time in the Forex markets trading my own funds. In trading terms that’s actually a pretty long time and I feel I’ve seen much of how this business operates from an education perspective. Although I only take courses rarely and mostly prefer to self-educate myself from a variety of sources, I’ve taken enough to know that the degree of quality and overall usefulness varies wildly. There are more gurus out there than you can count and most present a system of such complication with so many lines and colours on their chart that you can barely even see the price any more. If that wasn’t bad enough, very few actually seem to trade their own stuff and you will rarely, if ever, see them give you a full accounting of a trading day, wins and losses included. This is where The Day Trading Academy differs.

I’ve been following Marcello of DTA’s work for a long time (after initially subscribing to The Wandering Trader blog) and he practices what he preaches. He lives his dream lifestyle and trades the futures markets with the sort of consistency that should be the target for any budding trader. But the most important thing is that he knows the proper way to trade for consistency and sustainability, and that is to do it SIMPLY. Now, that doesn’t mean what he does and what he teaches will be easy to learn, but once you do learn it the application of the principles is simple and that is exactly what you want for long-term trading success. It’s not about catching every single tick every single day, jumping in and out in a mad frenzy. It’s about letting the market come to you and then just joining on for the ride, and this is what DTA teaches – highly reliable and extremely profitable trading through intraday trend following.

Since Marcello started The Day Trading Academy I’ve been following his posts with great interest. The daily wraps are fascinating for another trader such as myself, as he presents the day’s results “warts and all” with mistakes, losses (not all losses are mistakes – a key thing to recognize) and plenty of solid wins as well. Suffice to say that these wraps have also piqued my interest to explore other markets aside from just my trusty Forex. Although I am still in the early stages of learning and development with futures and ES, I can easily recognize the massive potential that comes with having a simple strategy that provides an excellent expectancy per trade. The high win rate combined with good risk/reward means consistency and any trader who has been in this game for a while knows that being able to deliver results day after day is the key to the mint.

I’m really looking forward to developing my skills in these markets further and it’s great to have things like the Day Trading Academy that provide a light in the darkness that is trader education and development. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about learning to trade the right way – simply, consistently, and PROFITABLY!


“I QUIT my day job!!!”

Yes, I’m that guy who actually did it. For 15 years I’d worked in IT for other Investment professionals and seen their complicated monitor setups and all the funny lines and things on all those screens and had no clue what they were for or why. Fast forward to late in 2011. I had heard so many great things about Marcello, The Day Trading Academy and the simple, honest and passionate way he teaches day trading that I simply took a leap of faith, resigned and sent him a blind email pleading with him to take me as a student…which he DID. He is not a salesman trying to sell a strategy to sheep willing to buy. He teaches what he preaches. The curriculum is laid out in plain English with video examples supporting and available 247. The live trading classes directly support the curriculum with results right before your eyes from actual students. Also, it is taught by him not someone hired to teach it to us who learned it only a short time before. It’s HIS 10 years of personal experience that he is sharing and to be quite honest–he really doesn’t have to share any of it. He POSTS his income statements on the website. Do you know anyone who does that?


“All you need to quit working for the man”

I never write day trading academy reviews Guys and Girls, but in this case I just had to. With a degree in economics and finance I have always been drawn to the markets, I think its in my makeup. Like many others, my desire to live off the markets has cost me many thousands of dollars in false advertising, shady business practices etc.

I contacted Marcello on September 1, 2012 begging him to open up a spot for me in the training program because it was not open for new students. After a few emails back in forth, I was shocked that he let me into the program because he could see that I had a desire to learn and I really wanted to do this. Here we are two months later and all I can say is wow. I am planning on going live next week after two straight weeks of CONSISTENT winning results. Everything in the program from the market recaps, to the live classes to the prompt email return has been worth its weight in gold. Hell, the guy will email you back and 4 oclock in the morning sometimes when you have a meaningless question that could definitely wait until the next day.

I’ll put it this way to sum it up. In most businesses, the good people far outnumber the bad people. But in this business, bad guys rule. Marcello is one of the good guys and his reviews prove it. I say one of the good guys because I know there are others out there, I just haven’t seen any yet. Go with DTA and you can thank me later.


Trade to Live; Live the Dream”

I first encountered Marcello through his travel website. I was researching an upcoming trip to Colombia, and coincidentally Marcello had just left, headed for Brazil.

After reading about his trip to Colombia and intrigued by his lifestyle, I read everything made available for general consumption on his website. I emailed him while I was in Colombia, and I was immediately impressed by the quick response I received and how open he is about discussing his trading system/philosophy.

I had previously traded in equities, pennies and some commodities, but it had been about 15 years. So after a bit more research, I resolved to contact Marcello and begin the program when I returned to the states after my stay in Colombia.

The actual coursework is quite simple, Marcello chooses to emphasize practice using technical analysis. He de-emphasizes the use of indicators and oscillators, focusing more on getting his students to learn to “read” the market through its price activity.

What impresses the most are his daily recaps of the market and the live-market training sessions. He actually trades almost everyday, and reviews the market activity, posting daily videos on the website. And several times per month he holds live-market video conferences where the attendees can follow along as he analyzes the market activity and can question him during the trading sessions. This is no small feat, given that he IS literally the WanderingTrader.

Additionally I have found that he responds quickly and thoroughly to my frequent emails.

All-in-all I have been extremely happy with the money spent and time invested with Marcello

and, and I would be happy to recommend this program to anyone

with the desire and discipline to become a day trader.

With an honest effort to learn and practice the program, you will get results.




“Passionately devoted to helping people”

My name is Jay Tamez from Milwaukee, WI. I discovered The Day Trading Academy through Marcello’s traveling website back in 2011. Marcello is the one who exposed me to the S&P Mini Futures Market. After becoming frustrated with the Pattern Trading Rules with Stocks I sought a different market. I learned so much from the free materials on The Day Trading Academy website. After 1 year of using the site’s free resources, I enrolled in the Congressive Trading System Course. It has completely changed my trading style from unsure guessing to confident, strategic execution, free of emotional interference. I am writing this for those who seek the same information that I did over a year ago. I hope this helps you. Jay


“0 – 60 mph in 3 seconds…..finally!!!!!!!!”

As a seasoned trader that has enjoyed a fair to moderate amount of success in the market, I felt I needed to take my trading to the next level. What I needed was the ability to read the market with more accuracy and confidence. I quickly realized that I didn’t need more rules or more indicators.

All indicators are lagging. Indicators can help you identify trades and frame price, so obviously more indicators presenting the same information was not what I needed. I needed to be more current and learn to be in the moment in the market.

Well that is where The Day Trading Academy (DTA) comes in. Last fall I was searching on the internet for travel sites. I wanted to get some information on ticket prices, itineraries, etc. I came across this site It’s a great site with lots of great pictures, funny anecdotes and plenty of travel advice.

The funny thing about it was that the term trader in the site name went right over my head (wandering trader)….I didn’t make the connection about the fact that the guy running the site was able to travel the world because of his day trading.

The fellows name is Marcello Arrambide. He began adding posts about his trades and strategy on his travel site. He even began to include some posts with his charts and results. So I began to compare my results to his. It was astonishing how much better he was doing than I was….off the chart better!!!!! (no pun intended.) He was making money even on days where I lost money or didn’t even have a trade. Needless to say my curiosity was skeptically sparked…..this guy is either full of it or he knew something that I need to know. I kept reading his posts and following his progress until I couldn’t take it anymore. By this time he had started the site so I decided to contact him and the rest is history.

He had the secret ingredient that my recipe was missing. He was able to articulate and explicitly teach me exactly what it was that I was missing. It’s not all about indicators or a checklist of rules. It’s about the market itself and price. It’s about winning every day with a high probability edge that put the market odds in your favor. It’s about knowing when to be conservative and when to go pedal the medal. It’s learning to be nimble in the market and adapt.

What has DTA done for me? Well let’s say that professional traders can go 0 – 60 mph in 3 seconds. Before DTA I was consistently doing 40 – 50 mph in 3 seconds……Marcello has helped me get to the professional ranks in trading.

So whether you’re new to trading or a season guy like me DTA is the place to be. When you sign-up you’ll get everything including the kitchen sink. The teaching is clear, precise and full of daily live examples. Marcello is honest, personable and funny as hell. He really knows his stuff and is not shy about posting his charts and are you ready for this? he posts his income statements….honestly sometimes the $$$$ amounts make my head spin. But that’s a problem I can quickly overcome.


“Learn 2 READ the MARKET & THROW AWAY your indicator packages”

I’ve spent the last year searching, learning, losing, learning and searching. Unfortunately, my searching was focused on the wrong things; mostly indicators that could tell me when to enter and exit a trade with nearly perfect success. Well folks, I found nothing but snake oil salesmen and dead-ends. One late night while searching for more answers, I happened upon a guy named Marcello that travels the world and day trades for a living. I emailed him my story and snagged a spot in his trading academy.

That decision has changed my trading FOR LIFE! In the past couple of months, I’ve literally learned more about how to read the market and trade with consistent success, yes the market and not an indicator, than the previous 10 months combined!

Marcello has a candid and refreshingly honest and open approach to his instruction. The personal attention from a professional with 10 years’ experience in the day trading industry that I’ve received has proven to increase my success week over week. It’s given me hope that day trading for a living is real and attainable by anyone.

His academy includes an entire curriculum, daily recaps, user forum, live trading classes that he and his most successful students (all actually trading his strategy on live accounts) and personal attention that allows for individual performance critiques and advice.

Ultimately, if you are looking for an honest and truthful mentor that will give you the tools to trade successfully for life, you’ve found the place.


This Day Trading Academy Review is from Jose

“Truth, Honesty, Up Front, Gracious”

Those are the first four words that come to my mind when I think about Marcello. I started in his 60 day training program that completely blew my mind. I have been following him via his blog and when he started this new project I was one of the people that asked for his training before he even had a product. When I asked him specifically if he would train me I couldn’t believe what he said.

He actually told me that I could decide how much I wanted to pay for the training. In an industry that tries to gauge people’s eyes out here is a person that told me I could decide how much I wanted for training. That told me everything and I have been with Marcello & The Day Trading Academy ever since. I find him to be extremely transparent and genuine when it came to actually trying to teach people to trade rather than just trying to charge them for everything.

One of the biggest surprises is that he actually posted on the website that he lost money one day! I couldn’t fathom anyone in this industry admitting to the fact that they actually lost money and Marcello went ahead and posted it and shared it with everyone.

His concepts are extremely easy to understand as he gets right down to the basics and learning how the market works rather than touting indicators that may or may not work. Indicators are secondary and he doesn’t claim to do anything special. Thank you Marcello for showing me the way, I can honestly say now that I am a successful day trader.

Jose Lopez


“The ONLY place where you should invest your money. PERIOD !”

I had my load of online education for day trading and lost a lot of money with a lot of different systems. But I’ve always wanted to day trade for a living and kept searching…until now !!!
Marcello’s goal is not to make money with you, his goal is to create the greatest community of day traders all around the world so that everybody could live the lifestyle they always wanted !

The course he offers is the best thing that happened in my life and he is the ONLY ONE who actually explains how the market works. Marcello is funny, humble, straightforward, knows what he’s doing…..and the most important thing: HE WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED VERY BAD !!!

He puts a lot of time answering our emails and reviewing our charts to help us get better, because you don’t become a day trader in 1 week. It takes a lot of time and commitment and he is there to help us go through this journey.

Thanks Marcello, you really are a great inspiration for me !!!



“Your one-stop-shop to learn what you need in futures trading”

After working for over a decade as a professional wearing a tie, slaving through morning rush-hours and working myself to death for a 6-figure salary, I gave it all up for something new, better and more fulfilling. I met Marcello at the right time and joined The Day Trading Academy. Although, I haven’t yet taken my first live trade (I’m 3/4’s of the way through his program), I can honestly say, I can’t imagine how I can’t be successful with the valuable information and lessons he has provided to me. His program is well laid out, concise and gives you the meat and potatoes for what you need to be successful. Marcello isn’t just some “guru” who is trying to sell something he himself isn’t doing. Marcello is the REAL DEAL and unlike a lot of successful people in shoes like his, he also has a special gift of being a talented teacher, as well. One without the other would be pointless. Even the most successful people on the planet have a coach, and Marcello is a great one to have. I’m fortunate to have his guidance and feel like I have a real partner by my side with my new life’s goal — FREEDOM!

I would encourage anyone looking for a better life and freedom from the shackles of the 9-5 to join TheDayTradingAcademy. I feel like I’m part of a new family . . . we all share the same passion and want the same things. Worth every penny!


This Day Trading Academy Review is from Don

“This Is The Way To Go”

I am a degreed professional who own a small business. For various reasons I decided that day trading would be the thing for me. With all of the day trading “noise” on the internet, it is hard to discern who might actually be helpful on becoming a day trader. I read Marcello’s’ blogs and formed a good impression on what it might be like to learn from him. I took the leap, knowing that it probably wouldn’t be “all that”, but if it was even half the story, that I would be well off.

Marcello somehow is able to deliver exactly what he says. I feel very fortunate that I made the decision to join the Day trading academy. It has launched me into being a real, hands-on trader that can make positive trades roughly 4 out of 5 times. He has a way of sticking you in the cockpit of an airplane and making you fly. At first, there was a lot of information to digest, but it gets manageable. He has distilled everything down to only what is needed so that I can actually make sensible and consistent trades. The curriculum he has is good and he relentlessly answers all of my questions (even the real stupid ones that I probably should already know the answers to) and he seems to do so with others in the program.

Everything he does is honest, comprehensive, amazingly transparent and real.


“The best Day Trading school”

When I read Marcello’s’ blog I formed a very good impression of what it might be like to learn from him. Marcello is funny, humble, straightforward and honest –He knows what he is doing. He is able to deliver exactly what he says and he is a talented teacher. At first, there is a lot of information to digest, but he has everything boiled down to what is needed. The curriculum well laid out with everything you need to be successful and he relentlessly answers all questions and emails.
I have yet to take my first live trade, but I can honestly say I can’t imagine how I can’t be successful with the comprehensive and valuable information in his training. His concepts are easy to understand and he gets right down to the basics of how the market works and how to take trades.

Are you looking for a better life, Join –

Thanks to you Marcello and The Day Trading Academy for showing me the way.



“Honest, Reliable, Effective.. and Freedom”

I hate to add another great review but unfortunately Marcello and The Day Trading Academy are the real deal. What can I say about Marcello that hasn’t already been said in the many Day Trading Academy reviews below. He was honest with me from the beginning that its not about a set of indicators. He told me plane and simple that he taught people how to read the market which made sense considering that all indicators are based on market movement.

After trading in the pits for 20 years it was time to move into the new world of electronic trading and I am glad that I ended up deciding on Marcello. I love the simplicity of the system and the focus which doesn’t have anything to do with what most people in the industry are about. He was very gracious in allowing me more time to learn the system and is always available.

One of the things that surprised me about DTA is the level of customer service. Even traveling around the world and day trading his own account he still replies to my emails at 1 and 2am even on the weekends. He is extremely up front and honest and his beginner management system allowed me to start making money when I was still learning the strategy. Even with the changes in the market dynamics that we have been seeing recently I have been able to find consistency and be profitable on most days. Can’t thank him enough for allowing me to walk away from the pits and have my freedom which he values so greatly.



“Honesty, Flexibility, Awesomeness!”

I joined DTA two months ago. I had been at a previous academy prior and did ok for a short space of time. My old strategy worked well at times, but was not adaptable to differing market conditions. That I learnt the hard way unfortunately, but I know now the market is always changing and semi automatic strict rules based systems don’t work well for very long periods of time.
After several months of struggle, I contacted Marcello @ DTA for assistance. I was extremely hesitant to join, as I had been struggling for more than 6 months with my old system and did not want to make a move until I was completely satisfied that it was the correct decision….

I kept in contact with them and followed the public side of their organization. I was impressed with how much they shared openly and figured there should be more on the inside. I kept trading my old strategy and got fed up with my underperformance compared to DTA. After a nice long holiday, I contacted Marcello and enrolled (obviously after looking at what my results would have been in the time I was on holiday and comparing the results @ DTA) I was now sold!!!

I love the openness and honesty that you have with DTA! It is not about selling you a bunch of crap that you don’t need or teaching you hundreds of indicators. You are taught about the market. The markets move in a certain way, and you are taught to read the market and not indicators which are only reacting to what the market is doing. This is a skill that very few people have the knowledge to be able to teach you and looking back now, more important than anything else.

The service is excellent; I always receive prompt responses to any queries and always satisfied with the feedback. My intuition has developed tenfold in a short space of time and I now know with a high degree of confidence what to expect, but at the same time also understand the other possibilities, so I am never surprised by the market anymore. At the end of the day we are trading probabilities, nothing more.

What I love most about DTA is that everything is flexible. I have been encouraged to try things which don’t fit the “rules” and do things as they are comfortable for me, thus developing your own style. Marcello teaches with so much passion and he really is an awesome teacher and a superb trader. He has a way to explain things to people that you can relate to easily. I also feels that he cares about each trader and really wants them to succeed. I will highly recommend DTA to anyone that wants to learn about the markets and become a successful trader.


“Great Energy, Great Curriculum, a Great Trader.”

I enjoyed The Day Trading Academy very much. The price is affordable and you definitely get your moneys worth by taking the course. I think it makes more sense compared to the MANY others I have paid for in the past, much more informative…..I loved Marcello’s energy and he his very talented. He gets into the mind of the trader to lead him to understand how the market works first. I love that and soaked that up like a sponge…..It seems like every other methodology just sells you their indicator, tells you when to take the trade and doesn’t educate anyone on how the market moves and what the different scenarios could be once you entered the trade. Overall, the course indeed was extremely helpful to me and I appreciate the education. I believe I understand much more about how the market works now than before and can’t thank you enough. Marcello….thanks and good luck to you!


This Day Trading Academy Review is from Octo

“Oh no! Another 5 star review!”

I am one of those cautious, slow learners. I have spent more money than I like to remember on trading education. I always learned something new with every course, eBook, or video, but then I never seemed to know how to trade.

I discussed this with Marcello of Day Trading Academy before signing up for his training. Marcello convinced me he was serious about teaching how to trade and he proved it. This guy is seriously interested in teaching his students how to trade and how to become independent traders who are profitable. It is not his agenda to make his students dependent on years of mentoring, trading rooms, continuing courses, etc.. He enjoys the freedom trading gives him and he wants his students to enjoy theirs.

The course has a website curriculum consisting of material to read and videos to watch. Marcello provides a daily video recap of the market showing where he took trades, how he managed them and how they performed. He also provides some live classes which give students a great opportunity to watch the market in real time along with him and ask lots of questions.

Marcello’s Day Trading Academy curriculum is direct and streamlined — not any fluff. His curriculum gets right to the point with some basics, how to read the market, where to look for trade setups and how to manage trades. Even me, the slow, cautious learner, found it accessible and intuitive. I think Marcello could train almost anyone to trade.

If you are new to trading, even better. I had to unlearn previous training. Yet with Marcello’s approach to trading I was able to have the kind of “breakthrough moment” that gave me the confidence that I finally understood how to trade.

His “trading system” relies primarily on reading the market without depending on indicators. While he does teach how to use a few indicators, his students are not required to use them once they understand how to trade.

Marcello also encourages his students to discover what works for them. Every trader finds just how to personalize their trading approach. Marcello makes sure that each of his students has the right basis to choose to customize their own trading approach if they want. Although, his approach is really all one needs to trade successfully as I see it.

Marcello is remarkably patient, willing to go over material as many times as needed for his students to understand. And he’s really a nice guy.

The only negative feedback I can think of, which I have already offered to Marcello, is that some of the topics in the website curriculum need to be better documented. However, I found that watching the market recaps and participating in the live classes cleared up any gaps of knowledge and clarified any questions I had.


“All The Reviews Are True!”

It does seem odd that everyone involved with DTA says Marcello and his strategy are great. Well until you review his website, the postings of trades, the videos, actually communicate with him and then enroll in the program it will all be just another program on the internet with some very good reviews. I can tell you from my experience with two other programs, one that made the ES calls, where to get in and out and one that gave you some indicators for the ES that were supposed to be 80% correct, you know how those turned out because after I blew up two different accounts I went looking for something else. I have been in the program for two months and will only tell you that ALL THE REVIEWS ARE TRUE! Marcello is an exceptional individual who is straight forward, honest and loves trading and traveling ( TnT) he is dynamite. He does not tell you that this is a get rich quick scheme, but a program that can get you where you want to go if you will study, practice, listen, practice, pay your dues and practice. He often states that if your serious, willing to put in the effort and time this strategy will allow you to do whatever you want. After 2 months I continue to improve in my abilities to read the market, know where to get in and out and develop my own trading abilities without relying on anyone else. I do not need someone making the calls for me, I do not need someone’s special indicators, I am learning how the market works. My advice, get in first chance you can! Thanks Marcello!


“A REAL trading academy!!!!! Maybe the ONLY ONE!”

after long time trying to figure it out a way to study “the market“ and seeing a lot of “trading schools “ charging fees up to $10,000. I was quite disappointed especially after spending a few grand w/ some companies that were just trying to sell software w/ annual fees. As I was travelling for a few years my dream is to keep travelling! and then I met Marcello through the internet and guess what? he is living my dream, I contact him and started to learn his methods, and know I`m confident that every day I`m closer to my dream!!! I`m trading to be a good trader, and Marcello is really helping me out w/ that! I agree w/ all his post on his blog about another trading websites (and I know hundreds of them!!!) so thank you Marcello.
thanks for your time! I wish you success for you and all your students!!!

everybody say the easy way to start trading is finding a mentor, the hardest thing is to find the right one…

best regards


“Be a Badass!”

I’ve traded in other markets with other strategies and I can tell you that this is it! Thanks to the easy to understand curriculum along with the weekly classes I’m actually making money. Can you believe it? A trading site that actually works. I’ve been interested in trading like this since I was sixteen and now that I’m twenty-one I actually see my dreams coming to life. You’ll be trading like a pro in no time!


“You get exactly what he promises and you pay for.”

This is another 5 star review, so hopefully you are noticing the pattern that is forming. Marcello and his website,, are the real deal. Marcello is using trading to pay the bills and living his dreams. Anyone can trade, as Marcello emphasizes, but the vast majority do not trade profitably. There in is the key distinction of what he is looking to set you up to do. If you are willing to put in the time, then Marcello is willing to reciprocate and set you up to trade to grow accounts and live a life free of the normal 9-5.

The course is set up in a fairly traditional way with written course materials, live classes, and direct contact with Marcello himself. Trading is M-F on the ES futures. As has been said before there are a few custom indicators that are put into use when trading the markets, but they are not the biggest key to success that Marcello teaches. The keys are to learn to understanding of the overall market behavior and (putting in the time) to recognize conditions in the market that are important for profitability. He is a good teacher and entertaining to boot. His classes are done in the live market and from all over the world. Ha ha that has presented some interesting issues with finding reliable internet connections though, but these things have been worked around having other people like Jim (who also trades the system) teaching the class.

I trade a live account with another system. While I am not in a live account with this system yet, I am well on my way to making it happen. I see the same signs of success in Marcello’s system that I saw in the other system just before I went live. I will update this review when (not if) I start trading a live account with system.

To recap I have nothing but great things to say after having been in his course for 2 months. Would I do it all over again after having been in the course for 2 months and knowing what I know now? Absolutely and without hesitation. It requires working on the material, dedication and time, but profitability is attainable through this course for those who are truly serious. Are you serious about learning to trade profitably? If the answer is yes I look forward to seeing you on the other side, and if not, then keep looking.


A Breakthrough: “Concise, relevant, and Dynamic!”

It’s very easy to find software, or people trying to sell outdated and recycled material claiming to make you millions. Marcello, on the other hand, takes a drastically different approach. His material in The Day Trading Academy focuses on teaching students to read the market, and understand how to effectively navigate such a dynamic and fast paced environment.


“Great Site to learn how to day trade”

I enrolled with Marcello about 2 months ago after going through his site. I found his teachings structured and easy to understand. He only relies on a a few indicators on his charts to help with entries and teaches how to read the price action to manage the trade.

He also provides his students with daily recaps and weekly live screencasts. I am constantly amazed how well he does daytrading and the lifestyle he enjoys.


“Accurate, honest and full of day trading excellence”

Simply put, The Day Trading Academy is the place to be for a solid and effective trading education. Marcello’s structure based approach with a keen eye on market behavior allows me to see past rules and indicators, to get to the heart of what it takes to make real time profit in the market. One of my favorite parts of Marcello’s teachings is what he sometimes calls, “the rant.” Those rants are in fact expert advice and help me make better decisions that affect my financial life.

One of the best things about the Academy is Marcello himself, he has a super positive vibe and is always willing to help others. His character really comes out in how transparent and honest the site is. The amount of money one can make using the Academy’s strategy seems unreal at times, but it is completely attainable. Check out the market recaps and income statement sections to see what I’m talking about.

Overall, this site and the course is about independence and acquiring the skills to live life the way you want, where you want, on your own terms, whether that be bungee jumping of the Eiffel Tower during a three month Euro tour or buying your mother a new house for her birthday. It’s all possible.


“There is no program like this one!!!

I spend about 2 yrs trying to find someone honest in this business that really want to teach a good quality class, instead of ripping me with a super expensive course. Honesty and humility are hard to find in this industry. I have to say that I found the right place to begin my day trading career, which is trading e-minis futures with the Bad-Ass Team of Marcello. Marcello will explain you how the market moves, in a clever and straight forward way. There is no Magic you will have to go through all the training material and all the live classes. But if you put the effort and time you will see the gains and you will feel confident on the technique. On top of that he makes the class fun and interesting, you can feel that everyone in his team are enthusiastic and are giving 100% everyday.

His format is as follow, he usually does 2 live classes per week, plus every day you will get a market recap with all the opportunities that were valid for the trading strategy. My only critic is that I will like to get maybe 3 classes per week especially when I start the program. Other than that I know that I join a Bad-Ass team. I believe that his biggest quality is that he never settles he evolve with the market and always is open to new ideas.


“Have your passport at the ready!”

If you’ve taken eight trips round the internet looking for the best place to learn to trade then you can set up your tent and camp out under the stars with us, fans of The Day Trading Academy. Our mentor is the WanderingTrader; be patient this week he’s moving apartments; classes will return shortly.

So why five stars? Every tour guide has their style. WanderingTrader is offering us one of the easiest paths to trading freedom, and does enough to keep you motivated and keep it fun. You’ll still need to put in the work, of course, but there’s no other path to getting into shape that offers such an irreverent and down-to-earth journey.

The destination is not the largest house in the richest neighborhood. It’s the freedom to choose; the freedom to live and enjoy the world the way we’ve made it. Take my advice; make the journey your part time job. Imagine yourself travelling full time. And it will be so.


“Hard work + No shortcuts”

If you’re looking for a hobby, or for something ‘fun’ … this product is not going to work for you.

The DTA motto is ‘Trading is a lifestyle … not a profession’ and in every sense, it IS a lifestyle. You are expected to study daily. You are expected to practice daily. You are expected to commit to this everyday. This is NOT your hobby. This is NOT fun. This is your LIFE. And *that* is what DTA is all about: hardwork and no shortcuts.

I’ve been with the DTA for about 3 months now and I’ve seen an explosion in my growth. Before I started the DTA, I only bought/sold equities on a long-term basis. I barely knew what the E-minis were, let alone support/resistance areas (and if you still don’t know, you should probably sign up ASAP). Fast forward 3 months later, and here I am sim-trading the E-mini S&P 500. I’ve yet to achieve the consistency I’m looking for, and it goes without saying that I have an incredible amount of work to do before I even start being profitable … but I am definitely on my way.

What the DTA provides is structure: there are exercises to do, videos to watch and classes to attend. Put your work in, and you should grow as a trader. Marcello provides daily market recaps and they are all available for you to view whenever you’d like. Previous class recordings are also available: which is definitely helpful, to say the least. Once you are trading (whether sim or live), Marcello will start reviewing your charts, which is an excellent and invaluable service to see what you are doing wrong. There’s always someone to help you if you have a problem or question.

The way I see it is this; joining the DTA has cut down on years of experimenting, testing and research that I would have to do on my own. For me, to get to where I am now, it would have taken at least a year if I were to do it on my own. Marcello has already done all the legwork; all you have to do is practice and study it. He’s always there to answer your emails (even it be at wee-hours of the morning), he runs classes regularly and he’s always there to provide feed-back. His commitment to you as a coach goes without saying … he’s committed. The question is, are you equally as committed to being a proficient trader?

The DTA cannot help you answer that question. Only YOU can. However, if you are committed to becoming the most proficient trader that you can be, I would definitely recommend joining the DTA.


“Great course”

I’ve been with The Day Trading Academy for about two months and I love it. I have no experience day trading. I am a registered nurse so all the information that I am learning is new to me. Marcello makes learning to day trade fun. His live classes are intense and fun at the same time. He always throws in a jock or an analogy to keep things fun. You get to see everything he teaches live as the market is moving. Its amazing how he reads the market and the goal is for all his students to be able to read the market and make good decisions when trading.

About three months ago I did a search on google for day trading and that’s when I found The stories and pictures about his many trips fascinated me. After I read about his trips around the world, I checked out his day trading blog and at first I was a little skeptical. I just couldn’t believe that you could make good money only trading a few hours a day, but after I read more I just knew that I needed to get into his class.

The daytrading curriculum goes straight to the point and the videos are extremely helpful. Marcello teaches us how to read the market and identify market momentum. Of course, you have to put in many hours in order to learn the material, but hey if a nurse can learn to day trade by following Marcello’s curriculum, almost anybody can.

I have to say that it is a great opportunity and an honor to learn to day trade from a person with so much experience and success.


“A great place to learn how to trade and how to profit!”

I signed up a couple of months ago with The Day Trading Academy. The founder Marcello, is passionate about trading and enjoys teaching others.

Marcello teaches live classes and they are fun to attend. He is quick to answer e-mails and questions. I’m still new and learning but it’s valuable and not some way over priced programs out there.

What I really like about The Day Trading Academy is that Marcello is open to new ideas and concepts and listens to his students. In fact he has revised the current curriculum to make it even better. He is always adding new things and ideas to the curriculum/website to help students.

I would recommend his site to new or experience trader to learn and make money from the markets!


“You Won’t Be Disappointed!”

Marcello really knows his stuff and spells it out in terms that are easy to understand for a novice to an experienced trader.

His passion for trading is infectious and you can tell he loves to hear others succeed with the knowledge they have acquired through The Day Trading Academy program.

I have no hesitation in recommending this as a legitimate and genuine program and with the education provided and Marcello’s mentoring…You won’ t be dispappointed!!!



The Day Trading Academy has to be one of the best trading academies out there. I was looking for a good place to learn how to day trade and thought a lot of these companies focused on an exact system for trading and was worried that would not work in a year or two and would be a waste of time. Marcello helps you look at and learn the behavior of the market to help you trade which puts him above most of the companies out there I think. The curriculum is well put together and he has classes that I think really help you see what you learn in real time. I’m still learning a lot from Marcello, but I feel that I have put myself in the best position possible to become a successful trader learning from him. Overall I’ve had a great experience and I would highly recommend Marcello to anyone looking to start day trading.


“Educational and Entertaining”

I began the Day Trading Academy with skepticism, but I was proven wrong very quickly. The course is set up to be user friendly. A person can take the information at his/her own pace, yet knowing help is only an email away. The response to emails is very timely and personal to the individual. The course is very dynamic to change with the market and suggestions from traders. The Live Trading webinars are a very important part of the course. Along with the daily information and the wealth of information that Marcello is providing, it is also entertaining. There is always something new to learn and there are different views from other traders that Marcello shares. I wish I had found the Day Trading Academy earlier. Thank you Marcello!


“Passionate and insightful”

Marcello’s focus is to teach traders to read the market, in real time, without relying excessively on indicators but rather reading and reacting to price action.

He is very passionate about sharing his experiences and insight. Marcello makes trading look easy, but there are no shortcuts when it comes to trading. Trading is simple but never easy. If you are willing to take the time to learn how to trade and learn about yourself, Marcello’s program can accelerate your time to becoming profitable and successful.


“I was right-sized- Plan B in process thanks to Marcello”

I have been studying trading for over 5 years as a “Plan B” in case my full time employment .

Suddenly ended. My plan B became my Plan A in August of this year when I was laid off.

I had studied under several trading mentors in the past ( primarily Forex) but recently discovered futures were more appealing since the time frame fit my lifestyle. I turned to Marcello and the DayTrading Academy after my previous strategies were not working so well anymore.

I joined thedaytradingacademy and within 5 days I had the distinction (I think) of having an article written inspired by me called “5 Fatal Mistakes That Day Traders make”. I was eager to jump in and Marcello politely but firmly taught me to take the time and focus on what is important.

I have learned more from Marcello in 2 months than I have learned from all the previous mentors – ebooks- professional trading courses. As others have mentioned, it is not just about a system- It is about reading the market, probabilities and the chatter that goes on in your head.

Earlier in my previous career I had a brilliant mentor, Dr Bruce Nelson (google him – he invented the internet)

– Marcello has all the same qualities – He is able to present complicated thoughts, ideas and behaviors in an easy to understand manner and is passionate about what he does and cares about quality and the end result which is making you a success.

August and September were difficult months to learn because of the lack of movement but today I am able to make trades confidently and have learned to have ‘no regrets’ if a trade does not work out. It’s all about probabilities, keeping your head right and making the right decisions. Marcello teaches all of this.


“Your journey starts here…”

*Cue infomercial voice*

Are you just starting out trading futures or investing ? Busted an account or three ? Perhaps you’re struggling to be consistent ? Marcello has been there and he is willing to share the knowledge and insight that he’s acquired walking the hard road for years. He is now a successful trader and daredevil traveler and has been for a number of years (you have to check out his travel blog @

The curriculum of the Academy lays out the principles and simple rules that will get you going on your way to trading profitably and consistently. The course is divided into easily digestible parts and the detailed videos are there to ensure you grasp everything. Then there are the daily market recaps pointing out the trades as per the curriculum and the occasional live classes which are like mini-boot camps to keep you on the right track and expand your horizons.

Once the foundation is in place and you are comfortable with the material in a live trading environment, it’s time to start tweaking the rules and find your own groove. The Day Trading Academy has been a positive experience for me all the way. Futures trading is a jungle. Before venturing into the wild, find yourself a guide that’s been there and


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