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Day Trading Resources

Our day trading resources page includes a great list of both our resources and other resources found online. If you need any other resources in regards to day trading don’t hesitate to let us know.

Traveling & Day Trading Resources

The personal travel blog designed by our CEO and founder, Marcello Arrambide, to record his and other day traders chronicles about traveling around the world.  One may find great information on day trading and travelling in addition to helpful articles about traveling overseas.  We have also included information here on the Day Trading Academy site as well.


Day Trading Resources

NinjaTrader Charting

– Started off as only an order entry platform but now has started to become a pioneer in the charting field.  It is the preferred platform of the Day Trading Academy and only supported platform at this time for our training program.  One may download ninja trader for free and practice trading for free until a trader is ready to go live.  They have very inexpensive payment options.  You may find

Tradestation Charting

– One of the premier platforms for charting and analysis. Traders may back test different strategies automatically and even open a brokerage firm directly with them. Only disadvantage is you have to pay for the feed even if you aren’t ready to open an account unlike ninja trader. Their commissions are also astronomically high. Find the review link below.

Click here to see a great comparison of NinjaTrader vs Tradestation.

CME Group
– The main holding company of many of the exchanges that day traders are actively trading on today. Provides great news, tips, and even the holiday calender.

Forex Factory Financial News

–  Forex Factory is what all the day traders using our trading strategy use to check news and stay out of the market during volatile periods. There are two different websites that we use but this by far is the best one.  One may filter important news with  that doesn’t move the market and pull items exclusively from certain countries & regions exclusively.

Mirus Futures Brokerage Firm

Mirus is a premier futures broker offering the NinjaTrader platform and working exclusively with futures traders. They can tailor many services for specific individuals and many times will work with you on anything that you need.

I recommend Mirus Futures and have an exclusive agreement with them including dedicated broker support and services along with low account opening requirements and very low commissions.

Trader Kingdom

A great trading site designed to give you top notch trading education from day traders that are experts in their field.  Has great point of views and I am very glad to be part of the expert panel at Trader Kingdom.

Other Resources

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